Take advantage of the stop to win substantial cash prizes in this game.

Jackpot Express is an old-fashioned video slot developed by Microgaming. Steam engines inspired it. This retro game invites players to board a special train of pure gold in every shape and size.

Read our review of Jackpot Express if you want to take an exciting train ride and discover the origins of slot games.

Simple is the Key

Jackpot Express is a simple game that sticks to the basics. Its graphics are classic and free of unnecessary elements.

The background is pink and orange with no landscape or specific details. One thing that sticks out is the steam locomotive carrying several wagons full of gold. The only thing left on the screen is the reels, paytable, and command bar.

Overall, Jackpot Express is a classic old-school game that many players enjoy. Next, we’ll take a closer look at the game.

Set your bet and let the reels spin wild.

Jackpot Express’s basic rules are intuitive and follow an established pattern that most players will be familiar with.

It would help if you landed winning symbols on the five paylines across the three reels to get their cash value. You can adjust the coin value by using the command bar. Select how many coins to bet for the next spin. Activate any number of paylines you want, then hit the spin button.

It would help if you placed as many credits on each spin as possible to win the most significant rewards. With a mouse click, you can put as much cash on the table with as many credits as possible. Try the auto-spin option and let the game run independently for a while. This will permit you to relax and enjoy the game. You can play with the settings as much as you like during your game.

One-Way Ticket to the Jackpot

Jackpot Express’ paytable is an excellent example of how classic symbols are used in slot games. It is more varied than other more modern slots.

The most common symbols are bar signs of different sizes, single, double, or triple. The bigger the character is, the more cash you will receive. It is also important to note that you may mix different types of bar symbols on the same payline and still win a small amount.

Triple red seven is the highest-paying combination in the paytable. If you score one on a payline that is activated, the reward for this will be 80 times your original stake. Jackpot Express has more surprises to offer than just these initial combinations.

Gold Bars All-Around

You will need to look out for the wagon to win the Jackpot. It is impossible to miss, as it is always overflowing with nuggets of gold.

In Jackpot Express, the wagon icon can be used as a substitute for any other symbols listed. What’s the best way to get extra wins when you don’t expect them?

The wagon combinations are the best-paying of all the games. They can be worth anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 times the amount of your initial bet, depending on the payline they are on. It is possible to win a reward that is so large you can make up all the time spent spinning the reels in a few seconds.

This quick game is perfect for beginners.

Jackpot Express has the most straightforward rules of any slot game. Microgaming’s slot game is quality, although many players may need to catch features like scatter symbols and bonus rounds.

You will not regret purchasing a ticket for the Jackpot Express.

Jamaican-A-Fortune Slots

We may have the perfect solution if you’re tired of your routine and are looking at a grey cloudy sky.

Microgaming’s team has created a colorful and fun video slot called Jamaican-A Fortune. This game will allow you to take a virtual journey to Jamaica to enjoy the island’s attractions and much more. The fast-paced gameplay and fun bonus features will hook you.

Let’s jump right into the world of Jamaican A Fortune and see what is the best way to win big.

Rastafarian Charm

Jamaican-A Fortune takes all of the stereotypes about Jamaica and turns them into an entertaining slot game.

The game’s screen has many signs and buttons that flash in green, yellow, and red. The paytable and reels occupy the majority of the remaining screen space. In addition, the logo for the game and tropical plants are in the background.

Jamaican-A Fortune is based on the classic slot machine, so that you can expect dynamic gameplay. Next, let’s have a closer look.

Enjoying the sun and having fun is a great way to relax.

Jamaican-A Fortune’s basic rules are simple but allow players to customize each spin.

The game matrix is one of the most simple you will find. It consists of three spinning reels with various symbols and a central payline. The winning combinations of three symbols must land on the payline to be valid. This will result in a cash reward to the lucky player. You only need to decide how many credits you wish to place on the table.

You will receive random nudges or holds during the game to use on your reels. You can use a nudge to move a spin slightly and score a winning combination. Having a rotation in place will do the opposite. You can use these options to mix in some strategy and hope for big wins. You can see that the rules are straightforward. Next, let’s look at the pay table.

Fruits, music, and sunshine

Jamaican-A Fortune has nine reel symbols. Three identical symbols must be lined up along the central payline to win a prize.

Fruits are the most famous icons: cherries, lemons, oranges, and coconuts. They are low-valued, so you should land as many combinations as possible.

The rest of your paytable gets increasingly attractive. Watch out for the rasta symbols, watermelons, loudspeakers, money bags, and smiling Jamaicans. This symbol can be worth up to 500 times the primary wager. That could be enough money to get you on the next flight to the Caribbean. Jamaican-A Fortune has many other bonus features, which we will discuss in detail here.

All Around Bonuses

Jamaican-A Fortune features two bonus categories, one simple and another that offers a variety of mini-games for the players to play and enjoy.

If the speaker lights on the left side of the screen light up, you can repeat a winning combo. As you play, the lights will randomly turn on and off. With a bit of luck, you can duplicate many winning combinations.

Attention to symbols with small numbers. You will progress higher on the trail if you get more characters during the game. After you finish, you can play any of the mini-games. Free spins, multipliers, or extra nudges can all be rewarded. You can observe the instructions on the screen, spin the bonus wheels, or wait to see if a different cash prize lands on your lap.

Enjoy yourself and stay focused.

Jamaican-A Fortune is both classic and original when it comes down to the gameplay. The fun nudge-and-hold features and many bonuses ensure players never get bored, not to mention the vast rewards they can earn at any time.

Grab a cocktail, and remember to bring your sun cream. Your tropical vacation is just about to start.