Imagine you got all the powers to change your actions done in the past, the action you have regretted, or you got the powers to travel in future and the past as well. The concept of time machine has always made the people excited. This would be the ultimate power to knowing what is about to happen and to delete and making corrections to the future. Well till now, this concept is believed to be the extreme miracle, if it ever came to existence in future. So today I will be talking about the one of the greatest movie based on this very theme. I tried watching it online at first but it was pretty hard to get the full movie on YouTube for free but eventually I got the free download link somehow.

Here I am talking about the little historical movie of 1989, called the “bill and ted excellent adventure” I have heard about the movie many times but couldn’t manage to watch it. But last weekend I was looking on web to get some new online slot games and found the game based on the very concept. Knowing the game, I decided to see the movie first in order to understand the game better. So I downloaded it in hd and then checked the reviews and rating of it to finally play it.

It is a is a three reel, five line slot machine game, with all the pay lines enabled for each spin you got, Which don’t give you the option to check or uncheck the paylines in real time. And you got the bonus if the reel stops to make the combination of symbols required to win. The graphics and music of the game is pretty organised and classic exactly as the theme of it demands. And it also got the mega multiplier with with cascading reels and wild symbols that make the fruit machine really adventurous and money make at the same time.

After getting all the information required I decided to try my luck on this classic fruit machine and guess what my luck wasn’t bad at all. I really won some big cash and enjoyed the adventurous game at the same time.